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Milwaukee Black Podcasters Celebrate International Podcast Day with Meet and Greet

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

In honor of International Podcast Day, Milwaukee Black Podcasters organized a meet and greet with local podcasters on Monday, September 30, 2019. Host, Ashley S. Jordan interviewed the creators of 4 different podcasts with a variety of topics. Let’s break it down, shall we?

To begin, Ashley spoke with Chrishella Roche, founder of Vibez Creative Arts Space, where the event took place. Ashley’s podcast, That’s Deep, came about after having many meaningful conversations with associates. The positive feedback she received gave her the idea to produce content related to African Americans in our community. You can check out That’s Deep in podcast form on Spotify or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Second was Nadiyah Johnson of Down to Mars Podcast. Her focus is on entrepreneurs in tech and increasing diversity in that field. Nadiyah is passionate about exposing young minorities to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. She briefly spoke about Jet Constellations and The Milky Way Hub and their partnerships to increase the amount of inclusive start ups in the Milwaukee tech scene. These programs create funding for upcoming entrepreneurs and provide helpful information to new business owners.

Lakiesha Russell followed with a mental health discussion as she referenced her podcast and practice, The Evolving Chair. Being a therapist, Lakiesha concentrates on processing her own emotions to be careful not to take on the trauma of others as she listens. She recommends journaling, meditation and spending time with loved ones to keep a happy and healthy mind. Guests on her podcast include neighborhood pastors and educators to give different points of view of our black and brown communities. Melanin Minds Matter was announced as the new name of the podcast as she continues to share supportive information about mental health.

Next we heard from Seth Cocroft and Eric Stewart from Sweats and Suits Podcast. They started a Bridging the Gap series to converse about topics they misunderstood or don’t live themselves. Guests have joined to discuss sexuality in the black community as well as working in a strip club. “If it’s a good conversation, I want to have it,” said Seth. Other interviews hoping to take place on Sweats and Suits Podcast include a conversation with police officers and an interracial couple.

Lastly, TECKnical Foul took the stage and addressed resolving disagreements between the 4 of them. Tim Kinzey, Eric Johnson II, Camille Davis and Kendrick Harris made up their podcast’s name while sitting at Skybox Sports Bar one evening. Playing with the first initial of their names, TECKnical Foul was born. During the Q & A Camille was asked about her experience with critics commenting on her being a woman discussing sports. She informed us that her podcast brothers respect her voice and she’s learned to hold her own at an early age. Along with sports stories, the TECKnical Foul crew also jokes about their personal lives or have music debates.

In between getting to know the podcasters, attendees were encouraged to network and enjoy delectable desserts. It was wonderful to sit in on another welcoming event at Sherman Phoenix.

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