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Milwaukee Playwright's 4th Consecutive Production with The Pabst Theater, 'Only God Can Judge Me'

Producer C.L. Woodson III brought Hollywood to Milwaukee Sunday, February 9th at The Pabst Theater with his inspirational stage play Only God Can Judge Me. Woodson has been entertaining his home audience of Milwaukee for the past 4 years at The Pabst Theater and did not disappoint for 2020, bringing along Todd Bridges who has played on the sitcoms ‘Different Strokes’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and Dorien Wilson, best known from the television shows ‘The Parkers’, ‘Sister, Sister’ and ‘In the Cut’. The cast also included many talented vocalists including Danny Boy, Dawn Miller, Cassandra McShepard, Theo Mackey and Mercedes Ann.

Only God Can Judge Me takes you through moral court as you watch a young man defend himself and change his heart from the mistakes he made in his past relationship. The surrounding characters include the judge, bailiff, court reporter, lawyer, prosecutor and witnesses to the accusations. The show was opened by local comedian, Marlin Hill, with commentary on our divided America and a superb Obama impression.

The motivational play speaks on second chances, forgiveness and allows us to remember that none of us are perfect. With comedic dialogue and specific Milwaukee references such as Mr. J’s Lounge and The Eagles Ballroom, the actors grasp your attention, but it is the compelling song performances that resonate the feeling of empathy. From the 1978 classic “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” to powerful renditions of gospel tunes, you come to understand the decisions we all are faced with and to have compassion instead of judgement for others.

All in all, it was a great show for a Sunday evening especially if you missed church service that morning. Only God Can Judge Me left me with feelings of hope for humanity and was a fabulous addition to celebrating Black History Month.

As the producer, writer, director and fellow actor, C.L. Woodson III showed much gratitude during the curtain call. There is nothing like love from home. Be on the lookout for his production B.L.M. Both Lives Matter coming to The Pabst Theater this summer.

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